Sunday, March 24, 2019

Open Studios 2019

Art on handmade perota bench

Small Paintings

This way ...

Whale Songs


Plant Boat

New Paintings 2019

Into a Dusky Forest

Organic Cellular Connections

Waves of Gold

Nebula Pterodactyl

Nature Sculpture Exhibition

Nature Sculpture - Togetherness 2019

Flying Vessel
Sails: Flax handmade paper with indigo 

Banana leaf sails

Friday, August 17, 2018

Saturday, June 30, 2018

More oil painting with cold wax

I like the mood of certain colors with texture to reflect mystery in my work.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

More Paintings 'Antiqua'

Antiqua Birds
Summer Light
Through the Lens

New Paintings - Spring 2018

For me, Art has its own language, and much like music and it can be mysterious at times. It can share insight, feeling, sensation, and memory, even a sense of taste...

There is joy and freedom in making the something invisible come to lifeand then to share it… something personal, or universal, something beautiful or at times secret. Reaching into deeper levels to see what happens.

What inspires me? 

The divine mystery of nature, its interesting forms and patterns, 
To make the complicated ‘simple’, linking past and future to
present, uncovering something lovely, finding beauty in unexpected ways,
a form of poetry within the body of our being ... without words.

Abstract painting allows of all this and more.

My normal color palette tends to run in earth colors and muted tones. 
That’s were I’m most comfortable. Balance and light are the principal guides, probably from being a photographic artist utilizing black and white selenium tones for so many years.  We’ll see where it leads to next!

Layers of Memories. Oil and cold wax on Arches Rag  Paper

Mountain Rain