Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Encaustic Photography and Printmaking

The use of beeswax is an ancient method of sealing in paint pigment to paper, photographs, canvas or board. You can print on a warming tray for creating mono prints or de'colage. One uses layers of forms, shapes, and colours, to marking and build the life of the print.

It felt like reviving an old dream when starting in 'encaustic' painting the last year. One can make a 'small studio' without having to buy an expensive printing press. A happy thought!

I've had a love for the art of printmaking in past years. At the university I stayed many late nights in the art studios, lost in the creation process. After graduation unfortunately, there was little access the well equipped studios while working full time in an architectural office... Careers and children left little time to continue painting for many years.

Now I'm creating a new studio space to bring hand made paper, painting and prints back to life!
It feels good to my hands and heart to free the creative process and work in painting media again.