Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bolinas in Autumn

Cool Light, Ocean Breeze
Bay Laurel, Eucalyptus and Moss 
Wisdom of the Natural World Speaks
Through sunlight forms...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Accordion Music

Raul practicing accordion by the cabin

Foggy Coastal Mornings, Northern California

Something wonderful about being up early when all is quiet,
being alert to the inherent beauty of ordinary things,
the mystery of each day newly unfolding...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dancing Mama!

What a joy to work with a dancer, to follow the flow of energy, line, movement of form coming together at just the right moment to express something deeper, something timeless... sessions at various locations and environmental portraiture.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Exhibition

New Exhibition Poster
Angel Face on the Rancho, BCS

In the kitchen

Guadelupe, Wall of Saints

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photography Exhibit Review, A Sense of Place

A Sense of Place ART REVIEW
By Leela Vera Morales

Sometimes the real Baja Sur is washed away in the wave of ‘tourist’ culture. We’re in Mexico, but who are the Mexicans? What were their customs before the U.S. Dollar came knockin’ at the door? To catch a glimmer of the original Baja, visit Todos Santos where an exhibition of resident photographer, Laurie Pearce Bauer, captures a sense of place.

Galaría Casa Tota is host to this photography exhibition, A Sense of Place.   On April 10th, Bauer welcomed over 80 people to the art opening. If you weren’t privy to the opening where she spoke about her life and influences, you can discover her work at a calm pace from now through June.

Art has been an important part of Bauer’s life since childhood, but first began delving into landscape photography while working as in architecture in San Francisco. Later she began doing black and white classic “Madonna-style” mother-and-child portraiture. She became an expert darkroom printer.  This was an alternative to the mainstream, commercial portraiture offered at the time. Bauer says she found her “voice” as a photographer when she moved (with husband and two small children) to northern France. The mystery and allure of the historic ruins of the region inspired her to develop impressionistic prints, 'creating a feeling of the past in the present moment', through her photography.

The antique quality of Bauer’s work is reflected in her Ranchero and People portraits. By working in black and white she feels she can better capture the essence of her subjects. Her interest in broadening the notion of time through the timeless quality of photographs is an attempt to help the viewer to be “more observant and present”. It is also an expression of the Buddhist teachings that have a strong influence on her art.

One of my favorite pieces is “Rancho Burnishing Clay”. It’s a warm tone black and white photo (as are most of her pieces) of a Ranchero woman’s hands putting the finishing touches on a traditional clay pot. I stood captivated before it for a long while. I felt as if I was the artist, lost in my work. The romance we associate with the creative process, and the flow an artist experiences when in the moment were all captured in that one shot.

A Sense of Place includes Bauer’s photos of Baja Ca Sur, botanical life, and Aztec and modern dancers, but the most striking of all are those photos taken locally of Rancheros and of the Todos Santos street art “Wall of Saints”. In portraits of both the oldest generation of resident, as well as the younger generation. She shows “strength of character with less materialism - the way people lived years ago.” One feels as if one has been invited into the homes and lives of the Sud-Californianos.

Bauer’s photos of the “Wall of Saints” – a long wall painted by resident artists and children of the Palapa Soicety – bring to life local art, often overlooked. I, for one, had no idea where it was, despite driving by it several times a week. The paint is chipped and fading, destroyed in the daily onslaught of dust and sun, but in Bauer’s photos they positively radiate with life and unearthly essence.

“I want to show layers of time,” says Bauer. “I think we need to learn from our history. We’re so caught up in our own lives – it is good to broaden the view.”

Bauer’s photography is somewhat haunting, yet warm and inviting. Through her work, one senses the Baja California of a time gone by, and the one that is still alive and breathing beneath the veneer of modernity. A Sense of Place is on exhibit at Galaría Casa Tota through June, and is open seven days a week during Casa Tota’s restaurant hours. Prints (framed and unframed) are available for purchase at extremely reasonable prices as well as art cards.

Her Fine Art web site can be found at:

Laurie Pearce Bauer is also available for wedding and portrait photography, which is somewhat different from her fine art, but excellent in quality, composition and feeling. Visit for more information.

Cabo Mil Interview 96.3 fm
Weekend with Wendy Program, Saturday April 19th 2014

Leela Vera Morales is a talented local writer who loves to travel and write about her adventures, as well as culture, food and art. One can visit her blog at :

Monday, April 28, 2014

Opening Evening, Art Photography Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who came to the Art Exhibition Opening at Galería Casa Tota April 10th. 
Many thanks to Victoria, Jan, Marisol and all the many friends and supporters who helped 
in organizing. The show will be open daily until June, please stop by. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Exhibitions and Publications

L A U R I E   P E A R C E   B A U E R   -  A R T   B I O G R A P H Y

Solo and Selected Group Exhibitions

Galería Casa Tota, Todos Santos, BCS 
Solo Art Exhibition A Sense of Place, 2014
Galería Casa Tota, Todos Santos, BCS 2013 Small Works & Green 
Visions Gallery, Todos Santos BCS México Juried “Best of Show” 2010 & 2011
Galeria Hayles, Todos Santos, BCS. México  Photographs 2006-08
Galeria Once, Todos Santos, BCS. México  Portfolio 2006-08
Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA  Spring Show  2004. 2005
Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, CA  Juried show 1998
Mokatoff Gallery, New York City  Portraits of Tibetan Lama’s 1998
Yosemite Gallery, Oakland, CA  French Photographs, 1998 and 1999
American Institute of Architects Gallery, Oakland 
Solo Art Exhibition  Photography, 1996
Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, CA   IVth Annual Photographic,  1995
Oakland Museum Collectors Gallery, Oakland  
Solo Art Exhibition  Photographs 1995  
Oakland Museum, Collectors Gallery, Oakland, CA  
Solo Art Exhibition  Photographs 1994 and 1995
Arts Gallery, JFK Univ, Orinda, CA
Solo Art Exhibition France & Belgium, 1994
Le Consiel Regional de L’Oise, France  Historical Sites and Art 1993 (Publication)
Galerie Hutin, Compiegne, France  Impressions, 1993   Solo Exhibition
Les Halles de Pierrefonds, France  Impressions 1993   Solo Exhibition
Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris. France  Mother & Child 1992 (Collection)
The Forum Gallery, Jamestown, New York  Envisioning a Dream 1992 (Catalog)
Gallery 25, Fresno, CA  Juried Annual Show, 1992
Museum of Photography, Univ of Calif at Riverside  Permanent Collection, 1991
Pro Arts Gallery Center, Oakland, CA  East Bay Artists, 1990
Environmental Design School Gallery, UC Berkeley   The White Room
Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley   Departure, 1980   Photo etchings

University of California, Berkeley, BA
Communications, Art and Design 
Academy of Art College, San Francisco 
Graduate studies in Photography

Journal De Pacifico, Cover Photo and Featured Artist Spread, 2013
Dakini Power, Book by Snow Lion Publications, Photo Illustration 2013
Art & Calligraphy, Art Book with Photo Illustration, 2012
Buddhadharma Magazine. Going Solo (Retreat Article) 2012
Shambala Sun Magazine, Photo Illustration 2011 & 2012
Gringo Gazette Newspaper Artists of Todos Santos 2011
Pulse Magazine,  Photography Show Article & Images, 2010
Snow Lion Publications, Author portraits 2009 & 2010
Random House Books, Author portraits 2008 & 2009
Shambala Sun, Magazine 2007 and 2009
Tricycle, Magazine 2009  On Tsultrim Allione
El Calanderio Magazine, Artists of Todos Santos 2009
Connie Ducey and Friends, CD Cover 2008
Spirit Rock Center, 2006 to 2009
The Company She Keeps,  CD Cover, 2005
Namely Us CD Cover, 2005
Tara Mandala, Colorado, 2005 to 2013
Canton Cooperage, Santa Rosa, CA The Beauty of Oak, 2003. 2004
UC Berkeley, Graduate Studies Theology Poster of Enlightened Woman, 2001
Mokatoff Gallery, New York City Portraits of Tibetan Lama’s 1998
LE PARISIEN Newspaper, Behind the Lens of Laurie 1994
Le Consiel Regional de L’Oise, France  Alluring Historical Sites 1993

The Forum Gallery, Jamestown, New York   Envisioning a Dream, 1992