Thursday, December 13, 2012

Night Performances

Night Performances are always a challenge, even with the best equipment. 
There is sporadic light, lots of movement and I'm limited with mobility and angles to shoot from.  However, there is the spontaneous quality and excitement that happens in the moment!   Skill and luck help to make good images happen, so wish me luck!  'Return to the Light' runs through December 19th with performances in Spanish and English.

 Here is a dance performance of a creation story.
Awaking to a new world

Ant leads the way to the corn fields

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dancer in Air

Sometimes I've a hard time deciding if I like an image in color or back and white...
Actually this is a warm toned 'black and white' image, as I almost never do grayscale!
Always looks better to follow a special 'recipe' of color balance and channel paths in digital processing to find just the right balance. 

So happy to be photographing dancers again! It is a special love since in the past I was a dancer myself.  The soul and grace of movement is especially wonderful in photography. Maybe because it all goes by so fast for a viewer to absorb? Perhaps. 
Photography stops a fraction of a second with a lasting image that and looks back at you.

Looking forward to more dance work as the production photographer for a new play begins "Return of the Light".  There is a magic that happens in rehearsal time without the stress of a performance which I like... more playful and fun. Will keep you posted!